Yoga Classes [Wed & Fri]

Yoga at Space12
Wednesdays & Fridays :: 9-10:30am

Space 12 offers community-supported yoga classes twice a week with certified instructor Rachel Breeding. Yoga classes at Space 12 use breath and movement to improve strength and flexibility, as well as calm the body and mind. Students of all levels are welcome in every class, and while it is recommended that you bring your own yoga mat, several will be available for you to use at Space 12.

Space 12 Yoga Schedule
Wednesdays and Fridays: 9-10:30am
Cost: donations, suggested donation $10

What does “suggested donation” mean?
Space 12 is first and foremost about bringing people to together, and we don’t want cost to be prohibitive for anyone. Pay what you feel like you can afford, but do not feel like you must pay $10 or not attend. That said, these classes are community-supported classes, and without the support of the students, the classes will not be able to continue. The suggested donation of $10 is several dollars less than the going rate for yoga classes in Austin, but if it seems like an obstacle, remember that we’d rather have you in class than not have you in class!

Rachel Breeding, Registered Yoga Teacher
Rachel started taking yoga classes in 2007 as a student at the University of Texas, and she completed her teacher training in August 2010. Rachel believes that yoga meets each individual where he or she is, and every practitioner is a student with more to learn and explore.

Contact Rachel for more details.

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