SXSpace12 2011 [Mar 17-19]

SXSpace12 2011
March 17-19 :: Thursday-Saturday

***** UPDATE: Hey all, due to unforeseen circumstances, Friday evening shows and Saturday shows are canceled. Engine Room is still a go for Saturday night though! Sorry for the inconvenience and enjoy the rest of SXSW! ******

Space12 is featuring our 3rd annual unofficial SX events from March 17-19th. Check out some great bands and come see our featured event called The Round.

Thursday [March 17] (more details on Facebook)
3:00pm - Broken Gold
4:00pm - Nicolette Manglos
5:00pm - Wealthy West
6:00pm - Picardy the Third
7:00pm - Mole People
8:00pm - Round #7

Friday [March 18]
2:00pm - Sunglasses
3:00pm - Coolrunnings
4:00pm - Light Pollution
5:00pm - Prince Rama
6:00pm - Adventure
7:00pm - Houses
8:00pm - Pandit
9:00pm - White Rhino

Saturday [March 19]
4:00pm - Gobble Gobble
5:00pm - Washington
6:00pm - Bikini
7:00pm - Class Actress
8:00pm - A Lull

9:00pm - Engine Room

[Photo by Gideon Tsang @ flickr]

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